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The coaxial laser welding head wireM is an interchangeable equipment for robot and CNC laser processing machines. It convinces in research and teaching as well as in the industrial environment with a compact design, simple operability and durable robustness. The latest version offers numerous configuration variants and even more technical interfaces for peripherals. ☑ Flexible and direction-independent welding with robust 3‑beam design ☑ Productive processes with up to a maximum of 4 kW laser power and up to 2.5 kg/h deposition rate ☑ Minimal material influence on the workpiece due to precise laser beam ☑ Clean, resource-saving and low-maintenance installation solution through 100% utilisation of the filler wire ☑ Reproducible and long-term constant manufacturing quality due to automated mode of operation ☑ Collision protection integrated close to the process to avoid machine damage Send us your specific request by e-mail! coaxworks - Innovations for Laser Wire Deposition


Layer-by-layer 3D metal printing using lasers as the energy source and metallic wires as the filler material is a process variant of additive manufacturing and 3D printing. With the coaxworks wireM laser welding head, welding wires can be used for manufacturing strategies of massive volumes and thin-walled structures. The application can be suitable for certain components due to fast availability and effective material use already from quantity 1. Wire-based 3D metal printing offers the following potentials compared to previous manufacturing methods: > Near-net-shape parts with the saving of subtractive work when milling from the solid > Near-demand production of small series and prototypes > Energy-saving component production compared to casting or forming Whether the application is also suitable for your tasks or whether the potentials can also be used for your products - we would be happy to discuss both with you. Send us an e-mail!


By using our coaxial laser welding head wireM, the welding process can be carried out independently of the direction, so that the coatings can be applied not only to rotationally symmetrical but also to flat and freely formed component surfaces. By selecting the wire filler material according to the requirements, the achievable coating properties can be adapted to the desired requirements. Characteristic features: > A low energy input causes a flat penetration by mixing the welding wire only minimally with the component material. > Complete utilisation of the filler wire results in particularly clean process conditions for human and machine. > By selecting the laser power and the wire diameter, the layer thickness can be varied and thus only as much material as necessary can be applied in a cost-efficient manner. > The use of the SGC500 shielding gas chamber for welding in an inert, oxygen-free process atmosphere makes it possible, for example titanium and iron materials.


With the SGC500 portable shielding gas chamber, coaxworks offers a separate machinery component for CNC and robot-based laser wire welding processes. By means of a flexible foil tent and an additional adapter on the laser welding head, a high-purity shielding gas atmosphere can be set up. Bottom connections for a continuous flow of inert argon gas allow a stable oxygen content of less than 20 ppm after only 20 minutes. The SGC500 protective gas chamber has the following integrated technical features: > a handling flap on the front side for quick chamber loading when the foil tent is installed, > two glove ports at the front for component handling when the chamber is flooded, > a removable T-slot plate for defined clamping of components, > three viewing windows for process observation from the outside and > a quick-clamping system on the top for defined fastening of the foil tent. Special designs can be customised. Send us your specific request by e-mail!

Die 2018 gegründete coaxworks GmbH ist Ihr innovativer Partner für Systemtechnik und Dienstleistungen der Technologie des richtungsunabhängigen Laser-Draht-Auftragschweißens. Wir bieten sowohl standard- als auch kundenspezifische Mehrstrahl-Laserschweißköpfe mit zentrischer Drahtzufuhr für Auftragschweißen wie Beschichten, Reparieren und Generieren. Als Nachrüstung für Ihre Laserzelle, als Upgrade für Ihren Schweißroboter oder als Montageset für Ihre Serienmaschinen – es gibt zahlreiche Möglichkeiten der Integration. Sie suchen auch nach Lösungen für die Drahtzuführung, die Prozessüberwachung oder das Arbeiten unter inerter Gasatmosphäre? Als Spin-off am Fraunhofer IWS Dresden kennen wir die neuesten Entwicklungen für die Verarbeitung einer Vielzahl von moderner Drahtlegierungen. Um den Einstieg in die Technologie für Sie zu erleichtern, bieten wir Machbarkeitsstudien, Vor-Ort-Installation und Schulungen an. Gehen Sie mit uns den nächsten Schritt in Richtung Produktion von morgen. coaxworks – UPGRADE YOUR WELDING Schlagworte: Laserdrahtauftragschweißen | Werkzeugreparatur | Laserbeschichten | Laserauftragschweißen | Laserschweißkopf | Roboterschweißen Laserdrahtauftragschweißen | Oberflächenbeschichtung | Plattieren | Materialauftrag | Metalldruck | Materialauftrag mit gerichteter Energieeinbringung (DED) | Laserstrahlschweißen | Schweißdraht | Koaxiale Laser-Draht-Schweißköpfe | 3D-Metallaufbau | Oberflächenreparatur | Additive Reparaturplattierung | Prozesskopf

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coaxworks - Now on Europages

coaxworks - Now on Europages ・ 22. Jan. 2021

About coaxworks GmbH The company coaxworks is your expert for systems technology and services for direction-independent, wire-based laser metal deposition and laser cladding. We provide both, standard and customized coaxial multi-beam laser heads with centric wire supply. As a retrofit for your laser cell, as an upgrade for your welding robot or as mounting kit for your serial machines – there are numerous options. You are also looking for solutions for wire feeding, process monitoring or inert gas atmosphere for high-quality operations? As a Fraunhofer IWS spin-off we keep up with the latest developments in handling a multitude of wire materials. To keep you going, we offer feasibility studies, installation service and training with our products. Let’s bring your production to the next level. coaxworks - UPGRADE YOUR WELDING


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