Kompaktes 2K Dosiersystem für Verguss-Anwendungen


Compact 2-component material treatment and dispensing system ▪ Volumetric dispensing, regardless of viscosity changes ▪ For low to medium viscosity materials ▪ Particularly suitable for abrasive, filled or shear sensitive materials ▪ With hard chrome plated standard rotor ▪ Continuous dosing, pulsation free ▪ Linear relation between dosing volume and rotation speed ▪ Long lifetime due to low wear ▪ Easy cleaning and maintenance due to quick assembly and disassembly options ▪ Material supply with 24 l stainless steel vessels (pressure tank max. 4.5 bar) ▪ Reliable product pretreatment and supply with simultaneously stirring and degassing ▪ Filling through manual refill or vacuum suction

  • Dosierpumpe zum Aufbringen von Vergussmassen
  • Vergussharze
  • Dosieranlage

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