UniCTouch has, as compared with similar technologies such as Piezo and inductive sensors, fewer restrictions and offers more features What is UniCTouch UniCTouch or “Universal Capacitive Touch” stands for a capacitive operation through all conceivable types of overlay (top layer): metal, stainless steel, special steel with glass, PCB, wood, even gold! The name ”universal capacitive touch” indicates that the customer has design freedom for bringing a highly innovative product to the market! Why choose for UniCTouch ŸCapacitive sensing on every kind of material: metal, stainless steel, wood, plastics, … ŸEasy mounting & electronics ŸEasy to clean ŸSealed user interface ŸWaterproof ŸWear resistance ŸReliable & durable ŸInnovative design and detection (Anti-vandal) ŸStylish look ŸCost-effective solution Ÿ……. Benefits of UniCTouch UniCTouch is not limited to button detection UniCTouch has a slider detection UniCTouch has a wheel detection UniCTouch has a button detection Combina


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