Übergangsmuffe mit Verdrehschutz - Stainless steel press fitting system NiroTherm®, AISI 304, EPDM



The innovative SANHA installation system NiroTherm® combines high-quality NiroTherm® press fittings with a black sealing ring made from EPDM (=ethylene propylene diem rubber) and NiroTherm® stainless steel system tubes. The system is produced from the material 1.4301 (AISI 304). Due to the well-known corrosion resistance of stainless steel, NiroTherm® offers installers therefore a real alternative compared to conventional steels when it comes to closed systems in humid atmospheres such as screed. Since it needs considerably less isolation against humidity*, the installation is faster and labour costs accordingly lower. In addition to the system description, NiroTherm® system press fittings are marked on the outside with a red dot. * This does not affect thermal insulation necessitated by national energy efficiency laws. NiroTherm® system pipe, material no. 1.4301, reduced wall thickness, in 6 m lengths, for cooling, compressed air, heating and industrial applications