Oil separation conveyors


For continual or discontinual separation of oil and liquid grease floating on the surface, in stains or contiguous layers, as thick layers, thin films or stains, of cold or hot condensate, neutral to basic or acid, in calm or moving water. For ground water treatment (in deep wells), treatment ponds, coolant emulsions, industrial waste water, oil sumps, port facilities, refineries, railway depots, industrial washing plant (for machine components), curing plant, oil separators, sea transport, degreasing baths for galvanisation (and the metal-processing industry), manufacturers of edible oils, washing systems (for tanker vehicles and cars), the foodstuffs industry, Oils, liquid grease, petrol, kerosene, solvents and similar http://www.prt-gmbh.de/oeltrennfoerderer.html

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