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LNP IRHD-M - Premium Hardness Measuring Device For DIN ISO 48


Scope: elastomers, plastics, synthetics IRHD resolution: 0,01 ° Level of automation: fully automatic measurement Lowering speed: 3,2 mm/s in accordance with current standards Possible sample dimensions(X×Y×Z): 250 mm × 200 mm × 250 mm Device Dimensions (X×Y×Z): 250 mm × 522 mm × 281 mm Device weight: ca. 29 kg Incl. record software and windows convertible-notebook! • Easy to use, little training required and time-saving • High-precision hardness measuring head and Z-axis • Fully automatic measurement at the push of a button • Future-proof and network-compatible system, suitable for Industry 4.0 • Remote maintenance and support service within a maintenance contract are possible • USB-port and optional LAN-interface • Can also be retrofitted with lots of accessories • Fast and efficient documentation process • Data interface to MS Office is possible • High grade carbide probe tips The product is CE compliant within the European Machinery Directive