GRP radio masts


Three times better For three key reasons, GRP for mobile phone masts is the optimal alternative to steel and reinforced concrete: 1. Low weight reduces material and logistics costs GRP masts weigh less than a third of reinforced concrete masts. This saves expensive access development in hard-to-reach areas, reduces the cost of foundations and minimises deployment costs, resulting in significant savings regarding material and logistics costs. 2. High degree of electromagnetic transparency GRP is transparent to electromagnetic waves. With this high degree of permeability, GRP is therefore the ideal material for the cladding of antennas. In addition, due to its minimal attenuation, it also allows for antenna installation inside the masts. 3. Extensive freedom from maintenance GRP masts are exceptionally resistant to weather and corrosion. Even in climatically demanding areas with high weathering requirements, regular costly maintenance is no longer required.

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