Dome and startup filters


Dome and startup filters can be used as startup protection in pipes, and they protect downstream system parts, such as valves, pumps, meters etc. in the critical startup phase against dirt accumulation through weld beads, scale, rolling-scale parts, sealing residue, lubrication grease, etc. The dome and startup filter can be removed after the startup phase, e.g. during the first revision. Dome and startup filters consist of a flange and a wall (support body) of perforated plate. The dome or startup filter is covered with wire mesh inside or outside. We manufacture the dome and startup filters according to your desires i.e. you stipulate the dimensions. Therefore please use our printed forms for your inquiry, or send us your drawing. Inquiry startup filter Download (PDF 56 KB) Inquiry dome filter Download (PDF 55 KB) Inquiry filter basket Download (PDF 76 KB)

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