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China Metal Parts Factory Custom Kinds Of Metal Hardware Parts & Machine Parts.


Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., professional ISO9001 certificated Metal Parts Parts manufacturer, Located in China Ningbo,Specialize in Services of Sheet Metal Stamping,CNC Turning & Machining,Tube Bending, Cold forging & Hot Forging, and also can provide outsourcing services of laser cutting & Casting. We produce metal parts for various indstries,custom produce a wide variety of machine parts and hardware components according customer’s drawing or sample,such as kinds of machined parts – metal shafts,steel rods, bushings, Sleeves, Flanges, tubes; Metal stamping brackets, frames, clamps, casing, housing; deep drawn components; tube bending components; cold forging parts,studs,bolts,screws,nuts,pins; steel wire forms and all kinds metal components. We provide a wide range of machining services, can satisfy the customer many types of products one-time order, for the customer to save a lot of trouble and costs for buy in different suppliers.

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