Controller S-KB-4


For continuous delivery The controller S-KB-4 is recommended for continuous flow control in combination with micro annular gear pump mzr-7241. The 2-Q-DC servo amplifier enables to control the constancy of flow rate via motor speed using the hall sensors of the brushless DC-motor. Speed can be adjusted with an external voltage signal (0 … 10 V). Advantages Pump controller for continuous delivery Good value 2-Q-DC servo amplifier For brushless DC-motor with digital hall sensors Compact aluminum housing Speed set with external voltage signal or external potentiometer Current delimiter Screw terminal for plug-in of mzr-pump


Controller PI regulator for motor speed
Supply voltage 24 V DC (5 – 28 V)
Max. continuous output current 4A
Max. peak output current 6 A
Velocity range 500 - 6,000 rpm
Voltage screw terminal
Pump connector screw terminal
Input for motor speed »U_in« voltage signal 0 … 10 V; external potentiometer 10 kΩ
Direction input »DIR« low (0 … 1 V); left direction: high (4 V … UB)
Error output »FG« high level
Operating temperature range 0 ... +60 °C (+140 °F)
Protection class IP 20
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 65 x 58 x 22 mm
Weight approx. 160 g
Remarks Subject to technical changes.

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