Evaluation, display and control unit für enginer test beds (braking dynamometers) with eddy-current brakes. The MP Computer is a comfortable, comprehensive and easy-to-handle evaluation, display and control unit for different types of engine test beds. Its clear and ergonomic arrangement fascilitates the work with the test bed. Desired loads can be adjusted quickly and easily. Specialists are not required. Many optional additional functions increase enlarge the comfort of the MP Computer. Maintaining permanent accuracy of torque measurement is facilitated by a semi-automatic calibration routine. Existing engine/motor test beds can be modernized by an MP Computer. Examples of optional additional functions: - Automatic gravimetric determination of the specific fuel consumption. - Several possibilities of output and documentation of measured values: 1. Data transfer to „DiaW-Diagram for Windows“ on an IBM compatible personal computer DiaW memorises measured values and displays them...

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