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Kundenspezifische Maschinenteile durch CNC-Drehen, Fräsen, Werkzeugbearbeitung


China Metal Machine Parts manufacturers provide high precision CNC machining services, custom quality of machined Parts according to customer’s drawing or samples. Material: Aluminum,Stainless Steel, carbon steel,Brass,etc Technics:Lathe turning,CNC turning,CNC milling,Tooling Milling, Wire cutting,Laser Cutting,Drilling,Boring hole,Cylindrical Grinding,etc Finished by : Zinc plating,chrome plating,nickel plating for carbon steel parts,Passivating for stainless steel parts,Anodizing for Aluminum Parts,Painting,Powder coating, surface polishing… As a professional machine parts supplier from China,we can custom producing all kinds Carbon & Stainless steel turned parts,Copper & Brass turned parts,Aluminum Turned Parts & Machined parts, such as tube coupling, hose coupling, shaft, pipe joint parts, hose connectors & transition connectors, copper machined tube, flange,bushing, steel casings,etc. Welcome contact us to discuss about your projects if you need any precision machine parts.

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