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BIOCHEMICAL REFERENCE MATERIAL Manufacturer of custom-designed Control Sera BIOREF GmbH has more than 30+ years experience as manufacturer of third party immuno-controls. Our controls are liquid & stable “ready-to-use” human control sera for immunoassays tailored to your needs. Our QM system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and the controls fulfil the requirements of the European In-Vitro-Diagnostics Directive 98/79/EC. Our laboratories and offices are located 50 km east of Frankfurt am Main – right in the middle of Germany. Tailor-made controls for immunoassays We have a great expertise in the production of tailor-made controls serving the specific needs of the customers for high quality controls for POCT, Companion Diagnostics and OEM. Based on our extensive experience we produce liquid “ready-to-use” and very stable human control sera for - Proficiency Studies Providers - Test Kit Manufacturers - Pharmaceutical Companies - Medical laboratories “The purpose of quality control is to monitor the analytical quality of a procedure, detect changes and eliminate reporting results with medically important errors” 1 With BIOREF`s quality controls you can be sure that the results you generate are accurate! Example Allergy Control - Matrix: Liquid human serum, - Shelf Life: 5 years at -20° C - Stability: 6 months at 4° C Example Tumor Marker Control - Matrix: Liquid human serum - Shelf Life: 5 years at -20° C - Stability: 5 years at 4° C

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  • Mitarbeiterzahl
    1 – 10
  • % Exportanteil am Umsatz
    70 %


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    Hersteller/ Fabrikant

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  • Chemie - Import/Export
  • Optoelektronische Bauteile
  • Reagenzien für Diagnose und Labor
  • Auftragsforschung und Auftragsproduktion
  • Biomaterialien
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