Alnico Magnets


Very sensitive to counter field but highly resistant against corrosion, for high temperature application with low temperature coefficient. General Information: Alnico magnets are produced by casting process or by pressing and sintering process. The magnets are sensitive to counter field and highly resisitant against corrosion. They can keep their magnetism up to 550°C and have a very low temperatur coefficient. The material is composed of iron, cobalt, nickel, aluminium, copper, and niobium. Sintered alnico magnets can be made in more complex shapes than cast alnico which must be machined mainly by grinding. Temperature Effects: Alnico magnets tend to be very stable with respect to temperature. Changes in magnetization are reversible and loss of magnetization can be recovered by remagnetization for temperatures up to 538°C. Applications: Alnico magnets are mainly used for speakers, microphones, motors, measuring instruments, flywheel generators, sensors, holders, stepping...

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